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Creative Services Checklist

We’d love have our voice over talent create a professional spot for you. We need some information before we can do the best job possible.

Copy the following into an email, fill out the answers, and email it to support@knit.audio:

  • Provide a brief overview of your business: (name, location, industry, etc)
  • is your business local/national/global?
  • Who is your product or service for?
  • What is the benefit of your offering to your customers?
  • What is your goal for this campaign? Awareness, lead generation, sell a product?
  • What action do you want listeners to perform? visit a website? call a phone number?
  • What is your hook or special offer to entice listeners? (free report, free consultation, discounted rate, etc?)
  • Is there a promo or coupon code for listeners to use?
  • What is your website address?
  • Do you have pre-produced assets for other podcasts, radio or TV that you’d like to use? These can include treatments, scripts, outlines or fully finished media.
  • If we’re creating these ads from scratch would you like: male or female talent, straight read, something more creative like a conversation
  • List the main points you want discussed in your ad:
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