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Add a credit card

To pay for your ads, you’ll need to add a credit card. You can use different cards for different campaigns, but one is all that is necessary at this point. If you’re planning on spending over $10,000 per month we can also invoice you, email support@knit.audio for more details.


1. Step one, login to your account (if you don’t have one yet, click here to get an account).

2. Click Account then Billing on the left side (or just click here if you’re already logged in)

3. Then fill out the “Add Card Form”

In addition to the standard card info, give it a name. This can be the name on the card, or if it’s for a client, you can type “Acme Widgets Card #1”. It’s an arbitrary field, so put whatever you want in there so you can recognize it later.

4. Click Add card

We do not charge your card until your ads have been delivered. This process just puts it in the system for later use.

You’ll know it worked, because you’ll see the new card show up on the list on the right hand side like so:

Now that you’ve got a payment method entered into the system you can move on to the next step, adding a campaign.


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