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Browsing the Marketplace

This is where you can see all the great podcasts you can advertise on and get all the important details you’ll need.

1. First, login to your account (if you don’t have one yet, click here to get an account).

2. Click the link on the left hand side that says “Marketplace”

You’ll see a big list of our publisher partners:

3. Click on any one of the publisher cards

Here you can see overall stats and a list of all the podcasts that publisher has available for you to advertise on:

Marketplace Podcast List

Each podcast card tells you some important info about the show:

  • Audience – Average listener age range, average listener household Income
  • Schedule – When do new episodes usually get released
  • Which spots are available (prerolls, midrolls, and postrolls)
  • Estimated count of ad placements available per week (e.x. 290K / week)
  • Average price range per thousand listens (ex $10-26 CPM)
    • The first number is the floor – The lowest amount you can pay and still get placement.
    • The second number is the current top bid – Bid more than this to ensure priority placement
  • Each ad position (pres, mids, posts) will have a different price range and amount available

In the above example, you could purchase first position preroll ads on 290,000 downloads a week for a price of $26.01 per thousand. If you bid less than the max current bid, you may not receive the full amount shown, as the high bidder would have first priority. This doesn’t mean you can’t get some exposure with a lesser bid though. If the other advertiser’s (who is bidding higher than you) budget runs out, or they pause a campaign, or their campaign is scheduled to end soon, there could still be plenty left over for you.

Go ahead and spend some time looking through what is available from all of our great publishers. Please take note of any of the podcasts you might like to advertise on and we’ll go on to the next step: adding a credit card

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