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Record an Ad

You’ll need a recorded ad, or two, before you go further. An ad is simply a short audio file, usually an mp3, usually 15 seconds to a minute long, telling prospective customers about your awesome product or service. Here are some of the various ways to get this done:

  1. If you’re not new to podcast or radio ads, you may already have this, you can move on to the next step: Scheduling an Ad Buy
  2. We can write and record a spot for you with our professional voice over (VO) talent, just email us at support@knit.audio and tell us you need an ad written and voiced
  3. If you’ve already written the ad copy, we can have our VO team record it for you. Just email us at support@knit.audio and tell us you need an ad voiced
  4. You can record it yourself if you’ve been blessed with a golden voice and have the necessary equipment . *
  5. You can hire your own VO talent and get it recorded. (check out https://voicebunny.com/*
  6. We can get hosts to record it for you, this isn’t always the best option and isn’t always available, but email us at support@knit.audio and tell us you’re interested in host reads
If you’re interested in learning more about the creative process or best practices for your podcast ads head over to the creative advice section of our help docs for more info.

Now that you have your ad’s media file in hand, it’s time to get your podcast ad scheduled and running.

* For options 4 and 5, be aware that the publishers need to approve the ad. If it sounds like it was recorded on amateur night it might not cut it

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