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Schedule an Ad Buy

Ok, this is the final step, it’s where you get your podcast ads to actually run.  Since this is “getting started” lets just hit the high points.


1. Step one, login to your account (if you don’t have one yet, click here to get an account).

2. Click “Ads” then “Add New Creative” on the left side (or just click here if you’re already logged in)

Now you’ve got some decisions to make and a form to fill out:

  • What position do you want?
  • How much are you willing to pay per 1000 impressions?
  • How many impressions do you want?
  • What podcasts do you want to target?
  • When do you want your ads to start and end?

3. Fill out the top half of the form – Creative Details


  • Creative name – A descriptive name for this creative. Will not be public facing, this is so you can find it later in stats, etc.
  • Description – Free form notes about this particular creative, put anything you want in here
  • Campaign – You must choose an existing campaign for this creative to live under
  • Ad Position – Where in the podcast do you want your ad to appear (begging, middle, end)
  • Audio Creative – This is where you will drag and drop your audio creative file, the audio ad itself (usually an mp3)
  • Max CPM – This is your bid, how much are you willing to pay per 1000 impressions
  • Impression Cap – What is the max number of impressions you want to buy. Not required, but highly recommended. This, combined with the Max CPM, determines your budget for this particular ad.


4. Fill out the bottom half of the form – Ad Targeting


  • Publisher – Which publishers shows will you be targeting for this ad?
  • Shows – Which Podcast or Podcasts do you want your ads on?
  • Geo – Target specific geographic regions by Country, US States, or US Metro Areas. (leave blank to target all traffic)
  • Keywords/Tags – Your ad will only play if an episode has these particular tags (leave blank for all)
  • Run Dates – Date/time that you want this add to start and end
  • Run Days – Choose specific days of the week you’d like the ad to play

5. Click the “Add Creative” button

Once you’ve done this, your ad will wind up in an approval queue where a human will listen to it. If it’s approved it should start immediately (unless you didn’t bid enough, or you scheduled it to start later).

After just a few minutes of running, you’ll be able to get stats.

If this is a credit card campaign, your card will be charged after $750 worth of ads have run, or 1 week has passed, whichever comes first.


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