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Basic Show Settings

After you have created a show in the Knit platform, you can edit previously entered information about your show at any time and configure various options. This guide will show you how to modify your Show’s basic details.


1. Login to your Knit CMS Account

2. Click “Setup” then click “Shows” on the left side navigation bar. (or just click here if you’re already logged in)

3. Click the title of the show you want to work on

4. On the first tab, “Details” you can now edit general Show settings:


  • Description – You can modify your previously entered description here
  • Audience Info (Optional) – If you have survey data on your audience, enter it here. Be concise, this will show up in the Knit Marketplace for prospective buyers. Example: Male 25-29, $50-85k HHI (Household Income)
  • Show Schedule (Optional) – When is the show usually published? This is also shown in the marketplace to give buyers an idea of your posting habits. Examples: Weekly (Sunday), Sporadic, 3x/wk, Daily (m-f)
  • Default Tags – Add or edit tags (descriptive keywords) that will be added to new episodes by default
  • iTunes Subscribe URL (Optional, highly recommended) – Enter the URL that links to your iTunes podcast page, or any link where a listener can subscribe to your feed. The listener will be taken to this URL when they click “Subscribe” on any Knit embedded web players
  • “Add Trailer” & “Change Trailer” Buttons (Optional) 
    • If your Show has not officially released it’s first episode yet, you may want to add a teaser trailer. Click the “Add Trailer” button to do this. Not all podcast listening apps support trailers and your trailer may appear as a standard episode.
    • If you need to change your existing trailer click the “Change Trailer” button
  • “Change Artwork” Button – If you need to change your podcast’s image artwork for any reason, click this button and drop in a new image
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