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Create a New Show

In the Knit platform a Podcast and a Show are synonymous. You need to add a Show before you can upload any podcast episodes into the system. This guide will show you how to create a Show.


1. Login to your Knit CMS Account.

2. Click “Setup”  then click “Shows” on the left side navigation bar. Then Click the “Add Show” button. (or just click here if you’re already logged in)

3. Next, fill out the ALL of the fields and drop in your cover art image

  • Every single field here is required – do not leave anything blank.

  • Show Name – The title of your show i.e. “The Daily Basketball Podcast”
  • Show Description – A brief description of your show, make it something interesting so people browsing for new podcasts will be intrigued. This will be displayed in various podcast apps and Apple Podcasts / iTunes
  • Default Tags  These tags (descriptive keywords) will be automatically selected to save time when adding new episodes for this show. Examples:  Sports, Basketball
  • Default File Prefix – When someone downloads your podcast directly, this will be at the begging of the filename. Example: Entering daily_bball_ will result in downloaded episodes named something like this: daily_bball_39dk3ldk35e09se.mp3
  • Default Image – This is the image associated with your podcast. It will be used in your listeners various podcast apps, Apple Podcasts / iTunes apps, embedded web players, and in the ID3 tag of the podcast files themselves. Please follow the image guidelines show in parenthesis in the “Drop Audio Art here” box.

4. When finished, double check that everything is correctly entered, and click the “Add Show” button

5. Now you’re ready to configure more options for your show if desired and start uploading episodes.

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